The team behind Notepet…
We are a small team of 2 - a Tech Guy, who loves to build stuff, and a Vet Student, who loves animals.

The story behind Notepet…
It began with a question from Tech Guy, ‘what problems do you want to solve?’

Well actually, to answer this, we would have to travel back 5 years, when Vet Student went overseas and handed over dog care duties to her father.

Nexgard is a monthly deworming tablet for dogs. Due to the packing stress, Vet Student hastily handed her Dad a pack of 6 tablets and barked a string of arcane instructions at him. It went along the lines of ‘give Pug one of this in 2 weeks’.

When Vet Student was back and ready to feed Pug his monthly Nexgard tablet, she was shocked to realise that there was none left! How did that happen?

When asked, her Dad proudly announced that he had no trouble feeding, as Pug ate the Tablet very happily and he had dutifully given Pug the tablet once… A DAY! Seeing how it has been a while and Pug had no adverse reaction, we laughed it off.

However, the incident was a rude awakening as it COULD HAVE been worse. So when Tech Guy asked, my answer was to:

✅ MANAGE pet’s medication and schedule
✅ REMIND owners when medications are due
✅ have ALL pet related information in ONE place

Sounds like it might help you to?
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